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Xpress Urself


Where is the moment when we need it the most?

Your're faking a smile with every step you take

Will you need a blue sky holiday?

The point is that they laugh at what you say

I have to wonder if there's ways to be right

Commit or not commit is such a crazy thing

Yet sooner than I thought that you'd call me out

Do you want me to forget about you and just start all over?

It's all in my head over and over again and it hurts so badly

I can't wait to see you

I want to see if you still have that look in your eyes

That one you had for me before we said our goodbyes

I can't believe that you're leaving

I don't know what else to do

I can't go on not loving you

I remember the last breathe you took right in front of me

When I had to run you down for.....before we leave

Now I see clearly now why the choice I made keep on repeating in my head

Now that I've realised that I'm going down from all this pain you've put me through

every time I close my eyes I lock it down

So where is the passion when we need it the most?

Javan Matthew