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Xpress Urself

"Poet of the Month for February"

You Will Never Love Me

A Poem by Areeba

Always knew it was coming,

Just didn't know it'd be so soon,

You're gone from my life, maybe forever,

Like the star have suddenly deserted the moon.

I think I read too many books,

Of charming princes and happy endings,

Should have thought to read the others too,

Of cruel betrayals and sullen pretendings.

It hurts inside but I can't imagine,

A life without your twinkling eyes,

It's hard to think you're gone for good,

Like you and I have severed ties.

You will never love me,

And I'll never get over this,

That you will never love me,

And it's you I'll forever miss.


The Eternal Fool

A Poem by King Wolfe (Dylan A. King)

To whom is thy hearts beauty given true,

Whom`s beauty is greater than that of

Any meandering streams deepest blue,

Agleam with sunlight which is thy`s blue love,

Release thy self from thine constant sorrow,

Release Past unfit of such divinity,

And when finished, my heart you may borrow,

I only ask its held infinitely,

With sorrow substituted by much joy,

Only good comes from this mended future,

And from this happiness, be born a boy,

If none other, this I can assure,

Suspended by strings of love a jewel,

For the, I shall be an eternal fool.


It's Hard to Say Goodbye

A Poem by Danielleღ

"Why don't you want to like anyone?" 

For such a simple question,

There comes both an answer and a confession.

My heart is guarded because it's felt pain,

And causes bad memories to flood through my brain.

Every word that should've been said,

Every tear one caused me to shed,

Every smile that made me melt,

Every sense of love I ever felt,

Every time I fell for the wrong one,

Who didn't catch me and was done.

It's just hard for me to let love in,

Because it always comes with a spin.

I know I should let it go and move on,

Probably because the past is gone,

But if I let my guard down again,

How do I know I won't be left with a broken heart, paper, and pen?

I'm sorry I can't give you a straight forward reply,

So I'll just say, "it's hard for me to say goodbye".


Tragic Love

A Poem by Paiger Mckenzie

She always looked down at him

As he tries to reach her

Following her where ever she goes

But he will never reach her

So far away

Never able to meet

Only able to admire

A tragic love

Of an ocean and his moon



A Poem by Radacach

As I lay in the puddle of tears on my bed

I feel so alive

My mask has been taken off

It's truly me

The words I speak are so me

Almost too me

There so unclean that they hurt my ears

When I wake up from my bed and head out to school

I turn around and grab that "happy" right off the shelf

Just hoping no one notices it's a mask

I look so calm

So collected

You could never tell that on the inside are scars so deep

So alive

That i relive them everyday

But when I get home I open up your stories and feel so alive

How can I ever share myself with anyone

When can I trust people to love me for my scars

For my scars make me

But at one point they broke me

So when I close your book

I take off that mask

Smash it to pieces

I tell myself tomorrow I will be myself

When I get up I make a new mask

A better one

One that can't be broken

One that can hide anything

Maybe one day together we can break it

But for now I'm fine with always being "happy"



A Poem by Elise Pehrson

When all loved was lost,

My heart still survived,

Through torn, broken secrets

And deep, threaded lies.

When hopes were all gone,

I somehow dreamt more;

No more horrible sobbing

Or hitting the floor.

When life seemed so dingy,

I’d look forward to sleep;

To dream of a life

I desired to keep.

Now my world is enhanced

And my dreams can’t compete;

How is it my soul

Can feel so complete?

Now my dreams seem to feel

Second-rate to my life

And I wake up, relieved,

Having fled from such strife.

The past broke me down,

Once a safe base was built,

To ensure that my strength

Could prevent any tilts.

And though I, at times,

Would fall and would fail,

I picked myself up,

In the end, to prevail.

And when I was ready,

Out of the blue,

God smiled, then lead me

Directly to you.


The Stars Above

A Poem by Sarah Marie

Running with the wolves,

I’m losing my soul;

I left my land and found them

Even though I was told

They are dangerous things,

These beasts of the night

From their thick, red fur

And the mesmerizing light

In their brown, puppy eyes.

They stalk the forest

And hide behind oaks,

Not stopping to rest

Until the alpha says so;

The night grows still,

And the world is calm-

That is, at least until

The wolves begin to howl.

Their chant is like a melody,

In sync as all the woods

Cries the same melody.

They turn to the moon

In time to see her shine;

They sing to her

Underneath swaying pines

And howl their love,

Their praise as one-

They wait for her say

Then turn and run

To find her all she requests,

To find all she needs;

She is their Mother

Within the canopy

Of twinkling, howling stars

Which once were wolves

Who fell from her grace,

Fallen, dying wolves

Who returned to the moon.

She takes their souls

And keeps them close;

She prays while she holds

That they will never forget

Their bright, full Mother

Even when she is gone;

She prays not another

Will take her wolf

Sons and daughters,

Their spirits in the stars

Only to be reflected in the water

Of glistening, hidden streams.

When a wolf dies,

The pack howls their sadness,

And the moon Mother cries;

She takes from the earth

Those who have gone on

And shelters them

In her large, moonlit palm.

She offers the spirits to the sky

And makes the brightest stars;

Then all the wolves may know

Where their loved ones are-

Safe in the care

Of their embracing, moon Mother

As she kisses goodbye the pack’s

Family and friends and lovers.

I ran with the wolves

And feared what I had witnessed;

I saw the moonlight sweep down

And take one who would be missed.

The wolves howl their praise,

And they howl their sorrows;

They howl through the night

And well into morrow

To tell the moon

That she is loved

And say hello

To the stars above.


No One Ever Tells You...

A Poem by Melbell19

 Just something I was thinking of...

No one ever said saying goodbye was easy.

In fact almost everyone knows it is the worst word to hear.

But no one tells you about the ripping, and burning feeling in your chest when you say it.

No one tells you about the lump that forms in your throat that causes you to choke out the word that will be sure to tear apart whom ever is unfortunate enough to hear it.

No one tells you about the regret you feel.

No one tells you that you will be wishing to take it back.

Take the hurt, the anger, the devastation back and pretend it never happened.

But no one tells you about the relief you feel.

Whether it is only moments or months after you’ve spoken that fateful word, you will feel weights lifted off your shoulders.

No one tells you about the turning of a page, the ending of a chapter in your life that seemed to only just begin.

No one tells you about how one word will make or break your life in a single heartbeat.


The First Time

A Poem by Luke

Our bodies and minds combine

Intertwining and aligning

In perfect symmetry we move

Our spirits connecting as we rise above

Swimming into the depths of one another

Finally fulfilling our ravenous appetite for each other

Satisfying a hunger that's built up inside

Something that's been growing for quite some time

We've built up this moment in our minds

And as we stare deep into each other's eyes

There's no hint of disappointment as our bodies collide

No hint of tension, we entwine

and unwind

Ours hands move all over,

Exploring every inch of our new lover



Using our hands to see

And our eyes to feel

Your head starts to spin

My mind begins to reel

Together we climb, ascending

To the peak of pleasure

in a connection unending

To a moment of happiness beyond measure

And as we come back down to earth

We both know this is just the birth

Of something so beautiful

We don't have the power-nevermind the will

To ever leave each other's side

Forever with each other, our souls reside.


Moving On

A Poem by Michelle

Every night and day,

You ask if i'm okay,

Do you really think I am?

After what you did.

I lost all my hope,

Of ever seeing you again,

Suddenly you return,

What were you thinking?

Now you want me back,

I'm lost in my own feelings,

You left me in the rain,

Don't you understand my pain?

I don't know,

What to do,

I am still,

In love with you.

Every time I pretend,

That i'm okay,

But that's not the way,

I feel.

I'm tired of pretending,

That nothing happened,

You lost my trust,

And I lost my hope,

So I decided,

I'm going on without you.


I am proud of you all, GREAT POEMS!!!