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Xpress Urself


I am not a writer

To write you a love letter

I am not a singer

To sing you a love song

I am not a poet

To describe my feeling in a fancy way

But in all these professions

They have one thing in common

Love is an form Expressing yourself

They came from the heart

And my honest compose to you is I LOVE YOU

I am not a clown, to make you laugh

But I can render a happy smile

I am not a dancer, to entertain

But I can hold you in my arms

And listen to the simplest beat your heart

I am not a kerchief

To absorb sweat or water

But I can be there for you

To dry your every tear

I am not a lullaby, to sing you to sleep

But I can kiss you goodnight

But of all these things,

I truly LOVE YOU

Nicola Saunders

Heart Can be Touched

I know if you were in the wilderness drifted & stray

I know that someone could have touched your heart but you went your way

I know you have gone through many histories and past, that are painful to remember 

Poetry; express yourself

I know that something good was inside but only to open up and let someone see it 

I know that you are filled with love and compassion because you have proven it

I know that it is not too late for a change because I saw it in you

I know that the heart can be touched only if you give it a chance

Nicola Saunders