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Domestic Violence

Posted on November 4, 2011 at 10:29 AM
Domestic Violence
How can you just ignore the noise of an abusive husband/boyfriend beating his wife/girlfriend?
Dont be expressive through volience
How can you sleep knowing that your neighbor is beating his children wrongly because he is drunk or angry?
Stop being cowards.
Stop saying it is not your problem
Be your brother's keeper
How would you feel knowing you could have saved a life if you had just call the police or try to intervene until help comes?
We need to do our part here in Jamaica and help fight against Domestic violence.

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Reply EnZia Collections
2:55 PM on November 4, 2011 
These are strong words. People often hear these things occurring and refrain from doing anything because "it is not their business". As you said, we should be our brother's keeper. Especially when there are children involved.
Reply Tracey-Ann A
3:05 PM on November 4, 2011 
I agree we can't just turn a blind eye to violence against women and children. We need to take a stand.
Reply Nicola AS
3:33 PM on November 4, 2011 
I agree with you both and it is really disgusting. Just last week there was a father beating his child and all people did was just laugh and stood there. And also women need to be stronger and stop encouraging these behaviour and giving men this dominance over them. Not to be bias, there are women out there who beat their men, so guess what, men stop being so weak, stand up for yourselves. Dont retaliate with violence, but walk away. If they cannot respect you as an individual, they dont deserve to be apart your lifes. So play your part and dont be a victim or turn a blind eye to domestic violence
Reply Kareen
6:45 PM on November 4, 2011 
I agree with Tracey-Ann, we need to start being our brother's keeper!