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Perfect Just for You!

Posted on June 12, 2013 at 10:40 PM Comments comments (27)
Hey guys,

Its been a while. Well here is something that got me thinking the other day.

Everyone knows that no one person is perfect. There is usually at least one fault.

What I have learnt recently is, There is that one person who is perfect just for you!

Why do I say that, simple! He/she is perfect for you because you accept that person and love them despite their faults.

I am not saying you should lower your standards however you will accept that person with their small imperfection.

This can include but limit to:

  • that person snores when they sleep.......that's bearable.........just fall asleep before they do! lmao
  • he/she is abit stubborn in there ways at times........we all tend to be that way at some point in our lives
  • he/she likes to  watch sport/romance once in while (you dislike these)........learn to compromise (this is key in every relationship for it to work)

Ladies and Gents., its quite simple, if he/she makes you smile by just simple thinking about them; they are a keeper.

If he/she makes you feel comfortable, loved, wanted, needed, you feel like their is no need to lie because you are your true self with them.............he/she is a keeper.

If you day dream and talk about having a life with each other.....................don't take that person for granted.

Appreciate them, give them your all and Thank God every day for answering your prayer.

You have found your soul-mate, your heartbeat.

Your Perfection in a Imperfect World!..............I know I definitely found mine!